Pivot table use in business reports

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Power Pivot Help

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Microsoft Access Basic Pivot Table Database/Template

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Power Pivot Overview

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Objectives. Learn a new way of gathering data and creating interactive dashboards using the new, free tool - Power BI Desktop.

How To Make Use of 5 Advanced Excel Pivot Table Techniques

It is independent of Excel and therefore easier to use. The pivot tables you create in Excel for your dashboards and reports often need to be tweaked to get the look and feel you’re going for.

What is a Pivot Table and what are the Benefits of Utilizing Them in Excel?

Raw transactional data is rarely aggregated by month, quarter, or year for you. This type of data is often captured by the day. However, managers often want reports by [ ]. In this tutorial on Excel Pivot Tables, you learn: what a pivot table is and how to use pivot tables.

You also get free exercises, sample file, and a video. I need to make a pivot table on my Crystal Reports.

Create report in excel using Pivot Table Techniques

Right now i'm using an ODBC connection but while I know you can create a pivot table in CR, I am not % sure how to do it. For example, you use a Pivot Table to create a report from a set of sales data.

Although a Pivot Table is powerful, you still have plenty of uses for other formulas in Excel. Sometimes, these formulas refer to data inside a Pivot Table.

Pivot table use in business reports
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