Mykalai kontilai nightly business report

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CNBC purchases rights to “Nightly Business Report,” saves show

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Nightly Business Report is going private

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A Collector's Passion Brings Freedom Documents to the Foreground

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Revisiting the Past…

Nightly Business Report had reportedly been struggling to raise additional corporate sponsorship, so presumably Kontilai has some plans in this regard.

No one involved will say how much NBR Worldwide paid for the show; WPBT said it was not a “huge windfall” (New York Times, 8/19/10). Buyer will take Nightly Business Report to ‘a new level’ By Dru Sefton, Senior Editor | August 23, WPBT sells to entrepreneur with history of legal disputes: Mykalai Kontilai, whose NBR Worldwide this month purchased Nightly Business Report, a staple of public TV carried five nights a week on stations, talks about how his years as an instructional television distributor gave him.

Aug 19,  · “Nightly Business Report” on PBS, by some measures the nation’s most-watched business newscast, has been acquired from its owner, the public station WPBT-TV. The PBS business newscast “Nightly Business Report” has been acquired from WPBT Miami, according to the NY Times.

New owner of PBS show 'Nightly Business Report' has vision of expansion

The buyer? A new company led by Mykalai Kontilai. Mar 18,  · The majority owner of “Nightly Business Report” has hired an advisory firm to weigh strategic options for the program, from selling a minority stake up to selling the entire company, people briefed on the matter told DealBook on Friday.

NBR Worldwide, which is led by the entrepreneur Mykalai. Apr 13,  · He was the first individual to ever solely own a public broadcasting news and affairs brand, the Nightly Business Report on PBS.

He sold that company in .

Mykalai kontilai nightly business report
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