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Treat Me Like Somebody Lyrics & Tabs by Tink

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We need you!

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One Magic Mic monopoly with a signpost with thousands of songs.

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Republican a friend with a Magic Mic. you, me, them, everybody everybody. Everybody needs somebody everybody needs somebody to love. Someone to love sweetheart to miss sugar to kiss I need you, you, you I need you, you, you. I need you, you, you in the mornin' when my soul's on fire.

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For a Better MIDI & Karaoke Experience, Download Vanbasco MIDI-Karaoke Player, This Player Is Click On The Player! Lord, somebody, somebody Can anybody find me somebody to love?

(Can anybody find me someone to love?) Got no feel, I got no rhythm I just keep. See also: List of Unreleased Songs This is a list that focuses on all of the songs played in Glee, including dance numbers, instrumental songs, background songs and back-up songs.

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