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BBC in row over blurring cleavage of interviewee in Kenya

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Africa Business Report

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Business Tech Science the brutal new threat to Africa’s prides.

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Published: 5 Nov Lion poaching: the brutal new threat to Africa’s prides. The Upside weekly report Pet projects. A host of new mobile phone applications, developed by software designers across Africa, are promising to boost development and business growth. is the leading digital media company providing business, political, cultural, lifestyle and travel information related to the continent.

The Top10 is the smart choice for busy people who want to stay smart about Africa. The Top10 is the trustworthy news source. African Business Central is the go-to spot for comprehensive, high-quality, and timely coverage of African business news.

Within the context of Africa, we provide news on: emerging and frontier markets, business, technology, headline, political, small business, personal finance, private equity, venture capital, stock markets, bond markets, and capital markets; all available on.

The next edition of AFRICA BUSINESS REPORT goes out on BBC World News on 20th and 21st March and comes to you from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

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NIGERIA INTERNET How can Nigeria outwit its inventive fraudsters to make it safe to surf? A monthly look at business across the continent. The BBC talks to the people and businesses who are changing the economic face of Africa.

BBC correspondents within each country will report on the growing trends and latest business developments in this region. Recorded from BBC World News.

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