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Africa’s best, worst countries for doing business

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Africa Business Report

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3 ‘big’ economies slow down growth in sub-Saharan Africa

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The World Bank has described growth in sub-Saharan Africa as very slow in the October edition of the Bank’s biannual report dubbed, Africa’s Pulse. Business US Midterms Voices Heads must roll at the BBC, says Geldof after Ethiopia aid report who organised the Live Aid concerts that raised $m to tackle famine Africa, also lamented.

SABC News brings you the latest news from around South Africa and the world, together with multimedia from the SABC's four TV and 18 radio stations. African delegates walk by a screen panel showing a footage of Chinese President Xi Jinping with Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ahead of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing.

Africa, with a population of 90 million people. Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with an average growth of around % for the past decade.

Bbc africa business report ethiopia
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